Cooling Fans (Hot-Swap) (Netfinity EXP10 - 3520)

Cooling Fans (Hot-Swap)


To Remove Cooling Fans:
  1.  Check the LEDs on the back of the expansion unit.
  2.  Slide the latch left or right to unlock the fan.
  3.  Use the handle (black knob) to pull the fan from the expansion unit.
  4.  Install the new fan by inserting it into the expansion  slot and making sure if is seated into the mid plane  connector. Slide the latch info the middle position.
  5.  Check the LEDs. If the fault LEDs do not turn off  after a few seconds, refer to 'Symptom-fo-FRU Index'.

  If it takes longer than 15 minutes to swap the fan, you
must shut down the expansion unit to keep the unit from overheating. This time limit apples to the total time that the fan is out of the chassis and not running.

For information on expansion unit shutdown, see 'Performing a Shutdown'.

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