Symptom-to-FRU Index (Netfinity EXP10 - 3520)

Symptom-to-FRU Index

Use the troubleshooting chart in this section to find solutions to problems that have definite symptoms.

Problem Indicator FRU / Action
Amber LED on - Drive
- Fan
- Check ambient air temperature ESM board
- ESM board
- Power to server but not expansion unit
- Power to expansion unit but not server
- Clustering problems
- Loose cable connections between expansion unit and server
- External SCSI cable length too long for application
- Adapter speed set too fast for external SCSI cable length
NOTE: For more information
on SCSI issues, see the SCSI Adapter User's Guide.
Amber LED on,
green LED off
- Power Switch
Amber and
green LEDs on
- Power Supply
Amber and
green LEDs off
- Reseat drive CPU
- Drive
All green LEDs off - Check AC voltage cabinet AC voltage line inputs.
- Power Supplies
- Mid-plane board
Intermittent power
loss to Expansion Unit
- Check AC voltage line, and cabinet power components.
- Power Supplies
- Mid-plane board
One or more
green LEDs off
- Reseat Power Supplies
- Reseat drive CRU
- Power Supplies
- Drive CRUs
- Mid-plane board
- ESM board
- Check SCSI cables
Unable to access drives
on one or both
SCSI buses
- Check SCSI cables and connections
- Check the drive SCSI ID settings. If drives
are daisy-chained to same SCSI bus, option
switches 1 and 2 must be set to different SCSI
ID settings
- ESM board
Random errors Mid-plane board

NOTE: If you cannot find the problem in the troubleshooting charts, test the entire system. See the server documentation for more detailed information on testing and diagnostic tools. (Netfinity 7000-8651 Server-Test)

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