Internal Drives (Netfinity 7000 - 8651)

Internal Drives

If you add different types ot dnvea. the system can read multiple types of media and store more data. Several types of drives are available, such as:

The server contains hardware that lets you replace a failed hard disk drive without powering oft the server. Therefore, you have the advadage of continuing to operate the system while a hard disk drive is removed or installed. These drives are known as hot-swap drives.

Each hot-swap drive bay has two indicator lights on the front of the server. If the amber Hard Disk Status light for a drive is lit continuously, that individual drive is faulty and needs to be replaced. When the Hard Disk Status light indicates a drive fault, you can replace a hot-swap drive without powering off the server.

Each hot-swap drive that you plan to install must have a hot-swap-drive tray attached. The drive must have a single connector attachment (SCA) connector.

Hot-swap-drive trays come with the hot-swap drives.

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