System Owner's Name

System Owner's Name

You can specify a system owner's name that displays during POST, each time the server is started. The system owner's name can only be removed from the System Security menu, it is not affected by moving the Clear CMOS jumper. If you set an administrator password, only the administrator can set, change, or delete the system owner's name.
  1.  Select System Owners Name on the System Security screen, and press Enter

     The System Owners Name screen appears.

  2.  Type the name in the Enter System Owners Name String data field. You can use any combinations of up to 15 characters  and spaces for the system owner's name.
  3.  Press the Down Arrow (  ) key to select the Set or Change System Owners Name data field.
  4.  Press Enter to set the name or change a previously defined name.

To delete the system owner's name, select Delete Stored System Owners Name and press Enter

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