ISA Legacy Resources - PnP

ISA Legacy Resources - PnP

Select ISA Legacy Resources to identify resources used by ISA adapters.
These resources include:

NOTE: The menus do not contain resources that are used by the system or by previously installed Plug and Play adapters.

From the Configuration/Setup utility program screens, you can select available resources for the adapter that you are installing. Resources not currently being used by adapters that are already installed in the server are listed as [Available]. The system resources that are in use by other devices are listed as a [System Resource].

Select ISA Legacy Resources, then, use the Up Arrow (  ) or the Down Arrow (  ) key to highlight the assignment that you want to change. Use the Left Arrow (<) or Right Arrow (>) key to select from the list of available choices.

The ISA Legacy Resources choice appears only on the full Configuration/Setup menu.

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