Advanced Setup

Advanced Setup

Select Advanced Setup to change values for advanced hardware feature such as ROM shadowing.

NOTE: A warning message appears when you select this choice, to alert you that the system might malfunction if this option is configured incorrectly. Follow the instructions on the screen carefully.

The Advanced Setup choice appearsonly on the full Configuration/Setup menu.

Select Advanced Setup, then, use the Up Arrow (  ) or the Down Arrow (  ) key to highlight the assignment that you want to change. Use the Left Arrow (<) or Right Arrow (>) key to select from the list of available choices.

Select Chache Control to view the cache state and view the cache size.

NOTE: The default setting for Cache State is enable. Changing this setting will severely degrade the performace of the server.

Select PCI Control to disable the PCI burst mode of data transfer. Some PCI adapters require burst mode to be disabled. Change this value to Disabled, if required for a PCI adapter. This screen also allows you to enable/disable the Bus Maser function for certain types of PCI devices. Select enable if an installed device(s) require the Bus Master function to be enabled when the server is powered on.

Select Plug and Play Control to control the device node. When you change this value to Disabled, the system is unableto update the configuration during POST.

Select Processor Control to control the microprocessor BIOS updates during system startup. When you change this value to Disabled, the system is unable to update the microprocessor during startup. This screen also allows you to view the stepping level of the processor.

Select ROM Shadowing to specify whether the information in ROM will be copied to the system RAM.

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