Using the Configuration/Setup Utility Program

Using the Configuration/Setup Utility Program

The built-in Configuration/Setup utility program provides a convenient method to configure various system features. In most cases, the server will operate using the default settings. You need to change the settings only to resolve configuration conflicts or to enable or change device function (for example, defining diskette types).

Always run the Configuration/Setup utility program if you have added or removed any hardware option, or if you receive an error message instructing you to do so. Review this information and the information that comes with the device before making changes. Also, record the current settings before making any changes.

The following menu appears when you start the Configuration/Setup utility program.


NOTE: Depending on the level of password protection, a limited version of the menu might appear. See 'Password Overview' for more information.

You can advance through the screens by pressing the Page Up (PgUp) or Page Down (PgDn) key. Use the Up Arrow (  ) or Down Arrow (  ) key to move through items on the screen. To change a setting, highlight the item that you want to change, then use the Left Arrow (<) or Right Arrow (>) key to view the choices.

Press F1 for online Help information on each selection.

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