Removing an Unknown Power-on/Admin. Password (Server 315)

  Bypassing an Unknown Power-on/Administrator Password

The following procedure outlines how to remove an unknown (or forgotten) power-on Password.

  This procedure erases the current server configuration. Be sure to record the server configuration before performing this procedure. You must reconfigure the server after you move the password jumper. The administrator & power-on password share the same jumper, known as the password jumper.
  1.  Power-Off the System and disconnect the power cord.
  2.  Remove the Server Cover
  3.  Locate the power-on password jumper (J8). If necessary, see 'System Board'.
  4.  Change the jumper's position.

    1.  Lift the jumper straight off the pin block.
    2.  Align the holes in the bottom of the jumper with the center pin and the pin that was not covered previously.
    3.  Slide the jumper over these pins. POST will bypass the power-on password the next time the server is powered-on.

  5.  Wait one minute, then move the jumper back to its original (1-2) position. You are now able to set a new password.

To set a new power-on password, follow the instructions in 'Setting a Power-on Password'.

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