Changing Selected Tests in Test Groups

  Changing Selected Tests in Test Groups

To change selected tests in a Test Group:
  1.  In the Module Tests Menu,  use the up and down arrow keys  (   and   ) to move the cursor to your selection.
  2.  Press Tab to move into the expanded  Test Group window.
  3.  Scroll to the test you want to select or deselect.

        Items indicated by a directly adjacent '*' (red text on  color screens) are destructive tests.

  4.  Press the spacebar at the highlighted  test to toggle between select (indicated  by a '') and deselect.

    NOTE:   Pressing the first letter of a test does not activate the test, unlike menu  operation.

  5.  Press Esc to return to the Test Group.
  6.  Press Enter to run the selected tests.

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