Using the Function Keys

  Using the Function Keys

Use the following keys to maneuver throughout the test programs:

Keys Action
Enter Select an item, run the test module, or run the test
Down Arrow (  ) Moves the cursor down
Up Arrow (  ) Moves the cursor up
F1 Calls up the appropriate Help information. Use the
up arrow key (  ) or the down arrow key (  )
to scroll through the information. Pressing F1 from
within a Help screen provides a help index from which
you can select different categories. One of the
important help categories is function key usage.
Pressing Esc exits Help and returns to where you left
Esc Go back to the previous menu

Additional functions are available in the Test Module Selection screen and the Test Group screen using the following keys:

Keys Action
Tab Move to test group (or move to parameters)
Spacebar Toggle modules on/off (or toggle tests on/off)
F2 View test results log
F10 Local menu
+ Next logical unit number
(for example, LUN 1, LUN 2, and so on)
- Previous logical unit number

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