S/390 Device Map

S/390 Device Map (Type 8641)

The PC Server/390 I/O subsystem uses resources available on the PC Server System/390 to emulate the devices available on larger System/390 systems. The following device mapping is used.
   Host System/390 (System/370) Device    PC Server Equivalent Device
   3270 Information Display    Monochrome or Color Display
   CKD and FBA DASD    OS/2 File
   5088 Graphic Control Unit    5080 PC Server Adapter
   3215    OS/2 Presentation Manager Session
   2703    Serial (COM) Ports
   2540 Card Reader    OS/2 File
   1403 Printer    OS/2 Print Spooler
   3088 (CTC)    Token Ring
   3420 Tape    OS/2 File
   Special (VM)    Host Transparent File Access
   Special (VM)    Import/Export PC Data
   ICA    SDLC/VTAM Connection
   3172    LAN/VTAM Connection
   3172    LAN/VM TCP/IP Connection
   9346    1/4 inch Tape

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