OS/2 Utilities

OS/2 Utilities (Type 8641-S/390)

Several OS/2 utilities are provided with the S/390 Microprocessor Complex programs to help control and operate the PC Server System/390. The interactive functions invoked by the PC Server System/390 icons use some of these utilities to perform their tasks. See 'System/390 Icons'. The utilities can be invoked from an OS/2 command prompt w/o using one of the PC Server System/390 interactive interfaces. Some of the utilities can also be used to implement user-written device managers.
   Utility    Function
ALC.EXE    Allocate files as FBA DASD, display volume information
     and change volume labels.
AWSCFG.CMD    Invoke the PC SErver System/390 Configurator
AWSCMLT.EXE    Configure logical terminal sessions on PC Server
     System/390 and OS/2 workstations
AWSMOUNT.EXE    Change the DASD or tape configuration dynamically
AWSPROF.EXE    Record the name and location of the DEVMAP to use as the
     default for the Configurator and initial program load (IPL)
AWSSTART.EXE    Start PC Server System/390 device managers
AWSSTAT.EXE    Display or change the status of the 370 I/O subsystem
     and device managers
BLDLIST.CMD    Build a file containing a list of SEND/RECEIVE or COPY
     commands for all the files in a specified subdirectory
CLRIO.EXE    Issues a CLEAR I/O instruction to devices attached
     to the S/370 Channel Emulator/A
C370TRC.EXE    Take low level trace of the S/370 Channel Emulator/A
DEV2NAME.CMD    Create an American National Standard Code for Information
     Interchange (ASCII) file from a DEVMAP file
IPL.CMD    Start the channel processor and IPL the 370 processor
LTRENAME.EXE    Rename the title bar of a CM/2 3270 session
RDEVMAP.CMD    Reconfigure directory and path names in a DEVMAP
SYSSOWN.CMD    Avoid rebuilding the VM central processor (CP) nucleus
     when you want to add a new volume
9346CMD.EXE    Issue tape positioning commands to the 1/4 inch tape drive

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