System Information (Server 330)

System Information

Select this choice to display information about the PC Server 330 - Type 8640 , and to view the interrupt request (IRQ) settings for the SCSI and Ethernet controllers on the system board, and other PCI adapters installed.

Changes that you make on other menus might appear on this summary screen. You cannot edit any fields.

The System Information choice appears only on the full Configuration/Setup menu.

Product Data

Select this choice to view system information such as the machine type and model, the system serial number, the system board identifier, and the revision level or issue date of the flash electronically erasable programmable ROM (EEPROM) and BIOS.

PCI Routing

Select this choice to view the settings for interrupt requests for PCI adapters. In addition, you can view the interrupt requests for the Ethernet and SCSI controllers on the system board.

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