Diskette Drive Check

Diskette Drive Check

Do the following to isolate the problem to a controller, drive, or diskette. A scratch, write-enabled, non-defective, high-density (2HD) diskette is required.

  - CAUTION - Make sure that the diskette does not have more than one label attached to it. Multiple labels can cause damage to the drive or can cause the drive to fail.

Do the following to select the test device:

  1.  Boot from the diagnostics diskette and start the PQA program  (please refer to 'Running the PQA Diagnostics Program').
  2.  Go to Diag and select Manual Test, then choose Diskette Drive from the Test Item and press F2 to execute.

If an error occurs with the internal diskette drive, reconnect the connector on the system board.
If the error still remains:
  1.  Reconnect the diskette drive cable.
  2.  Replace the diskette drive cable.
  3.  Replace the diskette drive.
  4.  Replace the system board.

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