Memory Check

Memory Check

DIMM are available for increasing memory capacity.

  - CAUTION - This system cannot work without DIMM memory.

DIMM DIMM Total Memory
32MB 0MB 32MB
0MB 32MB 32MB
32MB 32MB 64MB
64MB 0MB 64MB
0MB 64MB 64MB
64MB 32MB 96MB
32MB 64MB 96MB
64MB 64MB 128MB
128MB 0MB 128MB
0MB 128MB 128MB
128MB 32MB 160MB
32MB 128MB 160MB
128MB 64MB 192MB
64MB 128MB 192MB
128MB 128MB 256MB

Memory errors might stop system operation, show error messages on the screen, or hang the system.

Use the following procedure to isolate memory problems:
Note: Make sure that the DIMM is properly installed into the connector.
A loose connection can cause an error.

  1.  Power off the computer and replace the DIMM.
  2.  Boot from the diagnostics diskette and start the PQA program  (please refer to 'Running the PQA Diagnostics Program').
  3.  Run the Memory item to run the memory test.

If no error appears, install a new DIMM, if an error appears, replace the system board.

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