Checking the Installed Devices List (TP 560Z - 2640)

Checking the Installed Devices List

If a device is installed but the icon appears in a gray shade rather than a dark shade on the basic diagnostics test menu, the device is defective. Reseat the device connectors. If the symptom remains, replace the device or the system board.

If a device that is not installed appears in a dark shade (for example, FDD-2 appears in a dark shade when no  second FDD is installed), do the following:

  1.  Replace the first device in the configuration, such as an FDD-1.
  2.  If the problem persists, replace the system board.

The Parallel, and Serial icons are always displayed in a dark shade, because the icons represent subsystems of the system board and not the attachment of the devices.

The FDD-1 icon represents the first drive in the system configuration for each type of device. For Model 560Z, FDD-1 represents an external diskette drive attached through the external diskette drive connector. Similarly, the FDD-2 icon represents the second drive, usually attached through a port replicator.

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