Checking the Battery Pack (TP 560Z - 2640)

Checking the Battery Pack.

Battery charging will not start until the Fuel-Gauge shows that less than 95% of the total power remains, with this condition the battery pack will charge to 100% of its capacity. This protects the battery pack from being overcharged or having a shortened life.

Do the following:

  1.  Power off the computer.
  2.  Remove the battery pack and measure the voltage  between battery terminals 1 (+) and 4 (-).
     See the following figure:
  3.  If the voltage is less than +11.0 V dc, the battery pack has been discharged.
     Recharge the battery pack.

    NOTE: In this case, the battery pack is  over-discharged. It takes the at least 2 hours  to recharge the battery pack even if the  indicator does not turn on.

     If the voltage is still less than +11.0 V dc after  recharging, replace the battery pack.

  4.  If the voltage is more than +11.0 V dc, measure the resistance between battery pack terminals 3 and 4.
     The resistance must be 4 to 30 K ohm.

     If the resistance is not correct, replace the battery pack.  If the resistance is correct, replace the system board.

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