LCD FRU - Parts Listing (770,770E,77ED-9548, 770X-9549)

LCD FRU - Parts Listing 770,770E,77ED-9548, 770X-9549

NOTE: When replacing the LCD panel or inverter, replace an A part with an A part, or replace a B part with a B part.
Index    FRU P/N
1 LCD Front Cover  
   For 14.1-Inch model (model A)    12J0446
   For 13.3-Inch model    12J0447
   For 13.7-Inch model - TP 770X (model B)    05K5842
2 LCD Panel  
   For 14.1-Inch model - TP 770    12J0438
   For 14.1-Inch model - TP 770E, 770ED    05K9359
   For 14.1-Inch model - TP 770X, 770Z    05K9391
   For 13.7-Inch model - TP 770X, 770Z    05K9350
   For 13.3-Inch model-A    12J0439
   For 13.3-Inch model-B    05K9305
3 Hinge (Right and Left)  
   For 14.1-Inch model    12J0436
   For 13.7-Inch model - TP 770X    05K5183
   For 13.3-Inch model    12J0437
4 LCD Rear Cover  
   For 14.1-Inch models    12J0434
   Korea model    05K4573
   For 13.3-Inch model    12J0435
   Korea model    05K4574
   For 770X, 770Z - (13.7, 14.1-Inch model)    05K5182
   For 770X, 770Z Korea model    05K4573
   5 LCD Cable  
   For 770, 770E, 770ED models    12J0440
   For 770X, 770Z - LCD Cable 14.1-Inch models    05K2810
   For 770X - LCD Cable 13.7-Inch model    05K2651
   For 770Z - LCD Cable 13.7-Inch model    05K2853
6 Inverter  
   For 14.1-Inch model (12J0444)    10L1161
   For 13.3-Inch model-A    12J0445
   For 13.3-Inch model-B    05K3114
   For TP 770X    10L1161
   For TP 770Z    10L1255
7 Inverter Cable    12J0441
   TP 770X - 13.7-Inch Inverter Cable    05K2830
   LCD Misc. Parts for 14.1-Inch model  
   (For 770X)    12J0442
   LCD Misc. Parts for 13.3-Inch model    12J0443
   Includes the following:  
   ° Control Knob  
   ° Latch (Right and Left)  
   ° Screw Cap  

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