PC Card-Related Symptoms (TP-770 - 9548/49)

PC Card-Related Symptoms
Symptom / Error    FRU / Action in Sequence
   PC Card does not work in either 1. Reseat the PCMCIA slot assembly
   upper slot or the lower slot.     replacing the PCMCIA slot
   Diagnostic error code: 2. PCMCIA slot assembly.
   DEV 080 3. System board
   ERR 33  
   FRU 7210  
   CardBus slot pin is damaged    PCMCIA slot assembly
   PC Card does not work. 1. Reseat the PC Card
  2. Check the PC Card is enabled in the ThinkPad
      Configuration program.
  3. Reseat the PCMCIA slot assembly
  4. PCMCIA slot assembly
  5. System board

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