LCD FRU (TFT) Model 380/385 - 380E/380ED/385E/385ED (2635)

TFT - Type 1 - LCD FRU
Index    FRU P/N
1 LCD Cover    73H9941
   2 LCD Panel (12.1-Inch TFT)  
   (73H9945)    05K9308
   3 LCD Inverter    05K3119
   4 LCD Cable    73H9948
   5 LCD Hinge    73H9943
   6 LCD Lens (Misc. Parts)    73H9949
   LCD Misc. Parts    73H9949
   Includes the following:  
   Control Knob  
   LCD Upper Holder  
   Latch - Right, Left  
   Latch Spring (2x)  
   Latch Holder (2x)  
   LED Lens  
   Screw Cap (2x)  
   Cable Clamp (1x)  

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