Model 760XL (9547)

Index    FRU P/N Part (760XL)
1 LCD Assembly (12.1 TFT)  
   for US    46H5725
   for EMEA    11J8867
   2 Standby Battery    29H9497
   3 LCD Indicator Assembly Cover    69H8403
   4a LCD Indicator Assembly    46H5889
   4b Volume Knob    69H8404
   5a Keyboard Misc. Parts    39H7105
   5b Keyboard Foot    39H7038
   5c Keyboard FPC Bracket    39H7035
   5d Keyboard Misc. Parts    39H7105
   6 TrackPoint III Cap    84G6536
   7 Keyboard (See Keyboard Section)  
   Keyboard Assembly  
   Keyboard Unit  
   8 Upper Shield Case    29H9213
   9 Video Card    46H5771
   9a Acoustic Spacer    46H5495
   10a Volume Connection Cable    29H9211
   10b Mic Connection Cable    29H9210
   11 ESS Card    46H5775
   12a External Diskette Drive Connector    29H9203
   12b Rear Shield Case (left)    46H5759
   12c Rear Shield Case (right)    46H5758
   13 System Board (SVGA) (46H5773)    05K3148
   14a PC Card Slot    46H5751
   14b Eject Button    46H6028
   15 Battery Pack (Li-ion)    29H9232
   16a HDD Removable Strap    29H9236
   16b Hard Disk Drive (2.1 GB)    82H8489
   Hard Disk Drive (5.1 GB)    00K7907
   16c EMI Sheet    46H5497
   17 Rear Connector Door    46H5764
   18a Base Cover-W/W    46H5756
   Base Cover-Japan    46H5757
   18b PC Card Door    29H9238
   18c Name Label    66G9228
   18d Game Port Bracket    82H8895
   18e Thermal Rubber Sheet    82H8966
   19a Shield Plate (right)    46H5760
   19b Shield Plate (left)    46H5761
   19c DIMM Adapter Card (8MB)    46H5768
   20 Lower Spacer    29H9194
   21a FDD Blank Bezel    29H9289
   FDD Bezel    29H9197
   21b Option Cover    29H9193
   22 AV Cover    29H9190
   23 Modem Cover Lock    39H7027
   24 Blank Cover for EMEA    29H9188
   25 Front IR Assembly    29H9215
   26a Diskette Drive (3-mode)    29H9230
   Diskette Drive (4-mode for Japan)    29H9372
   26b Diskette Drive Removable Strap    29H9237
   27 Lower Shield    29H9202
   28 CPU Card (166 MHz, Pentium)    82H8875
   29 Heat Sink    39H7006
   30 Misc. Parts (see below table)    46H5367
   31a Fan (46H5762)    05K4494
   31b Air Duct    46H5763
   32 DC/DC Card    46H5750
   33 Misc. Parts (see below table)    46H5367
   34 Power Switch Actuator    29H9209
   35 Power Switch Button    29H9192
   36 Rear IR Assembly    29H9214
   37 Keyboard Base    29H9218
   38 Keyboard Cable    29H9222
   39a Speaker (right)    46H5777
   39b Speaker (left)    46H5778
   39c Speaker Holder (right)    39H7033
   39d Speaker Holder (left)    39H7034
   40 Keyboard Card    46H5776
   41 Backup Battery    29H9506
   42 Palm Rest    29H9219
   For Japan    29H7032
   43 Keyboard (See Keyboard Section)  
   Keyboard Assembly  
   Keyboard Unit  
   44 Top Cover    29H9184
   DIMM Card Holder    46H5765
   AC Adapter for U.S./Canada/LA/Japan (35W)    85G6705
   For EMEA/AP    85G6735
   Keyboard Misc. Parts    39H7105
   Misc. Parts    46H5367
   (Includes the following:)  
   Modem Holder  
   Modem Lever  
   DSP Holder  
   Rear IR Lens  
   Screw for Fan    46H5766
   Name Label    46H5767

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