Parts List PS/Note - 2141-182

Parts List

Index    FRU P/N
Top Cover Assembly  
   1 LCD Display    33G4488
   2 Brightness/Contrast Slides    33G4200
   3 LCD Bezel    33G4197
   4 Keyboard Cover    33G4178
5 Keyboard  
   Belgium    33G9603
   Denmark    33G9598
   Finland, Sweden    33G9578
   French    33G6028
   German    33G6029
   Italian    33G6027
   Latin America    33G6031
   Netherlands    33G9608
   Norway    33G9583
   Portuguese    33G9573
   Spanish    33G6026
   Swiss (French)    33G9593
   Swiss (German)    33G9613
   U.K.    33G6025
   U.S., Canada, Australia    33G4492
6 Lid Switch    33G4225
   7 Left Hinge Asm    33G4183
   8 Backlight Lamp    33G9586
   9 Inverter Card    33G4487
   10 Right Hinge Asm    33G6061
   11 Top Cover Asm    33G4189
   12 Left Hinge Cover    33G4201
   13 Right Hinge Cover    33G4202
   Miscellaneous Fastener Kit    33G9588
Base Assembly  
   1 I/O Card    33G6008
   2 I/O Cables    33G4176
   3 System Board    33G4491
   4 Modem Card (U.S. only)  
   (Only for N82, S82, W82, E82)    33G6010
   5 Standby Battery    33G4432
   6 Diskette Drive Cable    33G4162
   7 Diskette Drive    33G6024
   8 Base Cover Asm  
   with SIMM Door - Mod 182    33G4470
   9 SIMM Door    33G4170
   10 Battery Pack Compartment Door    33G4171
   11 Hard Disk Drive    95F4750
   12 Hard Disk Drive Cable    33G4163
   13 RTC Battery    33G4417
   14 Speaker Asm    33G4418
   15 Battery Terminal Cover    33G4177
   16 VGA Cable    33G4175
   17 Modem Port Cover  
   (Model 128 only)    33G6034
   Feet Kit    33G9631
   I/O Door    33G4172
   1 Battery Pack    33G6023
    Power Cord  
   U.S., Canadian    13F9959
   Australia    13F9939
   U.K.    14F0033
   French, Spanish, German    13F9979
   Italy    14F0069
   Portugal, Finland, Norway  
   Belgium, Netherlands    14F9979
   Switzerland    14F0051
   Denmark    13F9997
   AD/DC Adapter    33G6022
   Mouse    33G6020
   Phone Cord with Splitter    1057333
   6 Carrying Case    33G4255
   Car Adapter    79F3990
Software Diskettes  
   U.S.    33G9620
   Canadian    33G9621
   Australian    33G9622

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