Parts List 8533 - N33 SX - G15

Parts List
Index    FRU P/N
1 System Board Asm  
   EMEA 84-key Keyboard    06G8121
   System Board Asm  
   U.S. English  
   85-key Keyboard    06G8122
   2 Panel Close Switch    95F6278
   3 HDD Interface Cable    06G8131
   4 HDD Sub-Asm (40MB)    95F4723
   HDD Sub-Asm (80MB)    95F4724
   HDD Frame - Chassis Kit    07G2117
   5 Interface Cable  
   External Diskette Drive Port    06G8132
   6 Speaker Asm    06G8133
7 Keyboard Asm  
   Arabic    95F6855
   Belgian    95F6340
   Danish    95F6344
   Netherlands    95F6831
   French Azerty    95F6318
   German    95F6319
   Greek    95F6859
   Hebrew    95F6863
   Icelandic    95F6867
   Italic    95F6321
   Norwegian    95F6835
   Portuguese    95F6839
   Spanish    95F6320
   Swedish/Finnish    95F6843
   Swiss/French    95F6847
   Swiss/German    95F6851
   Turkish    95F6871
   U.K. English    95F6876
   U.S. English    95F6277
Numeric Keypad and Mouse  
   Arabic    95F6877
   Belgian    95F5741
   Danish    95F5467
   Netherlands    95F5467
   French Azerty    95F6313
   German    95F6314
   Greek    95F5467
   Hebrew    95F5741
   Icelandic    95F5467
   Italic    95F6316
   Norwegian    95F5467
   Portuguese    95F5741
   Spanish    95F6315
   Swedish/Finnish    95F5468
   Swiss/French    95F5711
   Swiss/German    95F5715
   Turkish    95F5467
   U.K. English    95F5741
   U.S. English    95F5741
   Mouse    95F5723
8 LCD Assembly    06G8134
   LCD Volume Knob    95F6285
   9 LCD Cable    06G8136
   10 Inverter Board Asm    06G8135
   11 Rechargeable Battery  
   (95F5695)    07G2093
   Rechargeable Battery (Swiss)  
   (07G0024)    06G8641
   12 Top Cover - System Unit    06G8138
   13 Bottom Cover - System Unit    06G8117
   14 Cover - Connector Group    06G8118
   15 Cover - Modem    95F6258
   Modem Blank Plate Asm    07G0041
   16 Cover - Memory Card    06G8119
   17 Cover - HDD Mask    06G8120
   18 Cover - LCD Base    06G8140
   19 Cover - LCD Front    06G8141
   20 2MB Memory Card    79F1002
   4MB Memory Card    79F1003
   21 Standby Battery    06G8128
   22 Holder - Standby Battery    06G8129
   23 Extender Cable  
   Backup Battery    06G8130
   24 Backup Battery    95F5710
   25 Cover - Backup Battery    95F6260
   Serial Number Label Blank    95F5448
   LCD - Masking Set    95F6289
   Miscellaneous Kit    06G8108
   LCD - EMI Finger Kit    07G2118
   Screw Kit    07G3788
   Latch Kit    95F6287
   AC Adapter    95F5470
   External Diskette Drive Asm    95F5722
   Quick Charger    95F5696
   Screw Driver Set    95F3598
   Y-Cable (ext. Keyboard <-> Mouse)    54G0444
Power Cord  
   1 Columbia, U.S., Venezuela    6952301
   2 Hong Kong, Singapore, U.K.    6952356
   3 France, Germany, Spain    6952320
   4 Italy    72X8539
   5 Australia, New Zealand    6952311
   5 Parguay    72X8508
   6 Denmark    72X8566
   7 Israel    72X8564
   8 Pakistan    72X8556
   9 Switzerland    72X8556
   10 Japan    78F9924

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