1040 1-Inch-High Bay / UltraBay Tray (SelectaDock II - III)

1-Inch-High Bay - Dock II / UltraBay II

The customer can install a ThinkPad option (such as an HDD, FDD, or a CD-ROM drive) in the UltraBay II tray.

Remove the device that is installed in the UltraBay, then remove the UltraBay tray or device tray as follows:

  A hard disk or a diskette drive is sensitive to physical shock. Be careful not to drop or apply any shock to these devices.

UltraBay Tray

Selectadock II: -1-, -2-, -3-, -4-, 5, -6-, 7 and -8-
Selectadock III: -1-, -2-, -3-, -4- and -5-

Device Tray

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