Short Circuit Test (2524)

Short Circuit Test

Use the following procedure to analyze a short or an open circuit in the computer.
  1.  Visually check the cables, wires, and connectors for any short circuits, open wires, and damage. If  a short circuit or burned part are found, replace the parts.
  2.  Disconnect, then reconnect all the external devices from the computer  one by one and see if the same symptoms appears. If you find that an external device  has a problem, follow the maintenance procedure for that device.
  3.  If the same symptom remains with no external device connected, the problem is in the  computer. Isolate the failing component in the system unit by changing the FRU one by one  until you find the problem. Replace the system board first.
     If the symptom is that the battery becomes low on power quickly, and all the  tests run without detecting any errors, replace the battery pack first.

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