755CSE LCD-Panel Parts Listing

Index    FRU P/N
1 LCD Front Bezel (incl. the following)    73H7289
   Slide Knob  
   Logo Plate  
   2 Slide Knob (LCD Misc.Parts)    73H7287
   3 Microphone Cable    73H7292
   4 Inverter Card    73H7290
   5 Rear Cover    73H7288
   6 Interface Cable    73H7291
   7 Power Cable (LCD Misc.Parts)    73H7287
   8 Hinge    73H7285
   LCD Misc. Parts (incl. the following)    73H7287
   Slide Knob  
   Logo Plate  
   Power Cable  
   Screw Kit (incl. the following)    84G6560
   M2.5x3mm (5)  
   M2.5x4mm (10)  
   M2.5x6mm (20)  
   M2.5x8mm (10)  
   M2.5x14mm (10)  
   M2.5 Nut (10)  
   Hex Stud Bus (10)  
   Washer Bus (10)  
   M2.5x8mm F/H Screw (10)  
   M2.5x5mm Deform Screw (10)  
   Spring Lock Washer (10)  
   Hex Stud D Sub (10)  
   Heatsink Nut (10)  
   Screw Covers (incl. the following)    66G5046
   Screw Covers (10)  
   Pop-up rubber caps (2)  

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