Parts Listing 755Ce, 755Cse, 755CV, 755CX (9545)

Index    FRU P/N
1 LCD Assembly (755CE)    85G1489
   LCD Assembly (755CSE)    85G1490
   Detailed 755CSE LCD-PANEL Parts  
   LCD Assembly (755CX TFT-VGA)    85G1489
   LCD Assembly (755CX TFT-SVGA)    85G8546
   Detailed 755CX-SVGA LCD-PANEL Parts  
   LCD Assembly front (755CV)    85G1633
   LCD Assembly rear cover (755CV)    85G1630
2 Hinge Bracket, Right, Left    85G1507
3 Screw, Rubber Lid    85G1509
4 Hinge, Lid, Right/Left    84G6555
5 Top Cover (755CE)    85G1491
   Top Cover (755CSE)    85G1492
   Top Cover (755CV)    85G7472
   Top Cover (755CX)    85G8547
6 LED Assembly    84G6547
7 Stand-off LED    84G6554
8 Backup Battery    85G1501
9 Shield Case, Upper    85G1496
10 IR Assembly, rear    85G1563
   IR LED, rear    84G6550
11 Battery Pack (Ni-MH)    85G1510
   Battery Pack (Li-ion)  
   (for 755CX, option for 755CV)    85G8554
12 Interposer Card    85G1503
13 PCMCIA Slot Assembly    85G1062
14 Lower Shield    85G1497
15 System Board (755CE, 755CSE, 755CV)  
   (85G1141)    85G8548
   System Board (755CX)    85G8548
16 Processor Card (25/75 MHz)    85G1494
   Processor Card (33/100 MHz)    85G1495
   Processor Card (755CX MHz)    85G8550
17 HDD Removal Strap    66G5122
18 340MB Hard Disk Drive    66G5068
   540MB Hard Disk Drive    84G4319
   810MB Hard Disk Drive    85G0961
19 Rear Connector Cover    66G5050
20 PCMCIA Device (See options)  
21 PCMCIA Cover  
   (Includes bezels and security plate)    85G1511
23 Base Cover Assembly (755CE)    85G1486
   For Japan    85G1488
   Base Cover Assembly (755CSE)    85G1026
   Base Cover Assembly (755CV)    85G1105
   For Japan    85G1106
   Base Cover Assembly (755CX)    85G8545
   For Japan    85G8570
23 Name Label    66G9228
24 Bezel, Diskette Drive    85G1036
   Bezel, Blank    85G1891
25 Cover, Option Bay    85G1037
26 AV Door    84G6551
27 IR Lens, front    84G6548
28 IR Assembly, front    84G6549
29 Standby Battery    85G1039
30 Base Plate    84G6563
31 Memory Card (755CE, 755CSE, 755CV)  
   (84G6561)    85G8565
   Memory Card (755CX)    85G8565
32 AV Panel    84G6552
33 Power Switch Button    84G6553
34 IC DRAM Card (See options)  
35 Battery terminal (755CE, 755CSE)    84G6556
   Battery terminal (755CV, 755CX)    84G8568
36 DSP Card Assembly    85G1140
   ESS Card (755CX - 9545)    85G1338
37 DC/DC Card (755CE, 755CSE)    85G1500
   DC/DC Card (755CV, 755CX)    85G8551
38 Speaker    84G6557
39 Diskette Drive (4-mode)    66G5060
   Diskette Drive (3-mode)    84G2269
40 Diskette Drive Removal Strap    66G5123
41 Keyboard Security Plate    85G1508
42 TrackPoint III Cap    84G6536
43 Keyboard Assembly  
   Arabic    84G6508
   Belgian    84G6506
   Canadian French    84G6514
   Danish    84G6505
   Dutch    84G6503
   French    84G6499
   German (Black)    84G6497
   Greek    84G6512
   Hebrew    84G6509
   Italian    84G6501
   Japanese    84G6515
   Latin American    84G6513
   Norwegian    84G6507
   Portuguese    84G6510
   Spanish    84G6504
   Swedish    84G6502
   Swiss/French    84G6500
   Swiss/German    84G6498
   Turkish    84G6511
   U.K. English    84G6496
   U.S. English    84G6495
   Connection Cable, Microphone    84G6559
   Modem Connector Assembly, U.S.    85G1504
   Modem Connector Assembly, EMEA    85G1505
   Modem Connector Assembly, blank    85G6564
   Wall Plug, Modem    85G2367
   PCMCIA Cartridge    84G1303
   PCMCIA RF Cartridge    84G1304
   Head Phone    85G1529
   Interface Cable, System - Keyboard    84G2531
   Interface Cable, keyboard - Keypad    84G2532
   Cable, Mini-DIN to Mini-DIN    84G6474
   AC Adapter (35W, 3 pin)    85G4952
   For Japan (2 pin)    85G6669
   AC-Adapter removable DC-connector  
   (4-pin/2-pin)    85G6664
   EMI Spring Plate    85G1066
   Foot (right, left)    84G4326
   Extension DC Cable (755CV)    85G7466
   DC Adapter Cable (755CV)    85G7466
   Strap (755CV)    85G1104
   Computer Stand (755CV)    85G1635
   Remote Control (755CV)  

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