Model 755CDV Symptoms

Model 755CDV Symptoms
Symptom/Error    FRU/Action
   The screen is black when 1. Verify that the LCD cover is firmly
   the LCD cover is installed.     installed on the LCD.
  2. Diagnose the LCD assembly by following
      'LCD Related Symptoms'
   The LCD is wavy when    Some overhead projectors interfere
   the computer is placed    with the LCD of the computer.
   on the overhead projector.    Use another overhead projector.
   The LCD stays on even when    Make sure that the switch on the rear
   the LCD cover is removed.    of the LCD is not stuck.
     If it is stuck, release it with the
     tip of a ball-point pen.


   ° Abnormal screen 1. Check that the white film on the
   ° Uneven color on the screen     LCD cover is clean. Gently wipe the
   ° Spot on the screen     film with a dry, soft cloth, such as
      a lens cleaner.
  2. LCD Cover
  3. Diagnose the LCD assembly by following
      'LCD Related Symptoms'
     The customer may be responsible for repair
     costs if the LCD cover was damaged due to
     misuse, excessive force, scratch, or liquid
     spilled by the customer.
   The computer has an    Problem such as high environmental temperature
   intermittent problem when    might be the cause.
   you use it on the    Use the stand supplied with the computer.
   overhead projector.  
   The remote control does 1. Check that two AAA alkaline batteries are
   not work.     installed in the remote control.
  2. Check that two AAA alkaline batteries
      in the remote control are at their normal
      energy (voltage) level.
  3. Enable the IR port of the computer with the
      ThinkPad Features program.
      (Disable the serial port at this time.)
  4. Refer to the trouble shooting section in the
      Help menu of the Mind Path Presentation F/X program.
      Set up this program following the guide.
  5. If the preceding items are correct, the radiation
      from the light of the overhead projector might
      be interfering the IR port of the computer.
      Disable the rear IR port of the computer, and
      use the remote control with the front IR port.
  6. Use the remote control with another computer, which
      IR port works normally. If the remote control does
      not work, the remote control is not working properly.
      If there is still a problem, refer to
      'Infrared Related Symptoms'

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