ThinkPad 370C FRU P/N

:p. Inverter Card Cable)
Index    FRU P/N
1 LCD Assembly (29H7543)    11J8241
   Misc. Kit (for LCD 11J8241)  
   (Logo (2x), Contrast/Brightness Slide   73H7280
   Backlamp (Neon-lamp)    85G1031
   LCD Flex-cable    73H7278
   LCD Rear Cover    73H7276
   LCD Front Bezel    73H7277
   2 Hinge Cover    66G5047
   Hinge    73H7279
   3 Hinge Bracket, Right, Left    66G5057
   4 Status Indicator Assembly    29H6688
   5 Screw Cover    66G5046
   6 Speaker Shield Assembly    84G4290
   6a Insulator    84G4357
   7 Speaker (Includes speaker holder)    66G3754
   8 Interposer Card    66G9242
   9 DC/DC Card    84G4329
   10 PCMCIA Slot Assembly    66G5121
   11 System Board  
   (Does not  includes PCMCIA slot assembly  
   index 10, lower shield, index 14,  
   or processor card, index 11a)    29H6690
   11a Processor Card (25/75 MHz)  
   (Includes hex screws,  
   nut, and screw cover)    84G4288
   12 HDD Removal Strap    66G5122
   13 Hard Disk Drive (includes strap, index 12)  
   340MB    66G5068
   540MB    84G4319
   810MB    85G0961
   14 Lower Shield    84G4291
   15 Rear Connector Cover    66G5050
   16 PCMCIA Cover  
   (Includes bezels and security plate)    66G5053
   17 PCMCIA Device  
   17a Name Label    66G9228
   18 Base Cover Assembly includes coil spring,  
   insulator, foot, power switch knob, holder,  
   latch buttons  
   Base Cover Assembly    29H7544
   For Benelux    29H7547
   For Japan    29H7545
   19 Bezel, Diskette Drive    66G5051
   20 Cover, Option Bay    66G5052
   21 Blank Audio Bezel    29H7546
   Audio Bezel  
   Supported in Japan and  
   European countries    84G4292
   22 Standby Battery    66G3755
   For Belgium, Dutch    66G3761
   For Switzerland    66G3758
   23 Backup Battery    84G2263
   23a Attachment Holder    84G2294
   24 IC DRAM Card (See Options)  
   25 Battery Pack (Nickel Metal Hydride)  
   (29H6687)    66G5063
   26 Diskette Drive (3-mode)  
   (Includes strap, reference 27)    84G2269
   27 Diskette Drive Removal Strap    66G5123
   28 Base Plate    84G2293
   29 Hinge Cover Bracket    29H8762
   30 Bracket Shield    84G5861
   31 Fax/Audio Spacer    84G5862
   Audio Card  
   Supported in Japan and  
   European countries    66G5037
   32 Keyboard Lock    66G0031
   33 TrackPoint III Cap    84G6536
   34 Keyboard Assembly  
   Arabic    66G0163
   Belgian    66G0161
   Canadian French    66G0169
   Danish    66G0160
   Dutch    66G0158
   Finnish    66G0157
   French    66G0154
   German (Black)    66G6402
   Greek    66G0167
   Hebrew    66G0164
   Italian    66G0156
   Japanese    66G0171
   Latin American    66G0168
   Norwegian    66G0162
   Portuguese    66G0165
   Spanish    66G0159
   Swedish    66G0157
   Swiss/French    66G0155
   Swiss/German    66G0153
   Turkish    66G0166
   U.K. English    66G0151
   U.S. English    66G0150
   Russian    85G7443
   35 Leaf Spring Plate    66G0041
   36 Upper Cover    84G2257
   PCMCIA Security Plate    85G8625
   EMI Spring Plate    85G0948
   AC-Adapter removable DC-connector  
   (4-pin/2-pin)    85G6664

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