Locations (750, 750Cx, 755Cx, 370C, 360x, 355x)

System - Front View (750, 750Cx, 755Cx, 370C, 360x, 355x)
  1.  LCD
  2.  Contrast Control

    NOTE: The Model 360 does not have a contrast control.
     The Model 755C has one of two types of LCD:
     one with a contrast control and one without.

  3.  Brightness Control
  4.  Status Indicator

     See 'Status Indicators'

  5.  External Input Device Connector
  6.  PCMCIA Slot
  7.  PCMCIA Release Lever
  8.  Keyboard
  9.  LCD and Keyboard Latch
  10.  TrackPoint II
  11.  Click Button
  12.  Diskette-Eject Button
  13.  Diskette Drive
  14.  Fn Key

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