173 and 11350 Error Combination (9552)

173 and 11350 Error Combination

If a POST error combination of 00017300 and 11350 appears and cannot be bypassed, do the following before replacing any FRUs.
  1.  Power-off the computer.
  2.  Remove the hard disk drive from the computer.
  3.  Insert the Reference Diskette and power-on the computer.
  4.  Ignore any error messages, press Esc, F8,  and Enter, then run Automatic Configuration.
  5.  Ignore the message An error occurred while updating config  and power-off the computer.
  6.  Install the hard disk drive.
  7.  Keep the Reference Diskette in drive A and power-on the computer.
  8.  Ignore any error messages, press Y, and run Automatic  Configuration.

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