Japanese Model Diskette Drive and Diskette (9552)

Japanese Model Diskette Drive and Diskette

The ThinkPad 700 uses a 1.44MB diskette drive. Both 1.0MB (formatted 720KB) and 2.0MB (formatted 1.44MB) capacity diskettes can be used in this drive.

The ThinkPad 700 Japanese model uses a diskette drive that supports 1.2MB format on 2.0MB capacity diskettes. When servicing a Japanese model, you must test all three formats.

  1.  The ThinkPad 700C Japanese model has an 89-key keyboard.  This keyboard is identified by the additional keys at the left and  right sides of the spacebar.
  2.  A 2.0MB capacity diskette is required when testing the 1.2MB  format.

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