Making a System Partition Backup Copy (9552)

Making a System Partition Backup Copy

NOTE: You might need two blank 2.0MB diskettes (or the old backup copy).
  1.  Power-off the computer, then power it on.
  2.  After the cursor moves to the upper right corner of the screen,  press Ctrl+Alt+Insert.
  3.  When the Main Menu appears, select Backup/Restore system  programs, then select Backup the system partition.
  4.  Insert a blank 2.0MB diskette into the diskette drive  and follow the instructions on the screen.

    NOTE: If you receive a message indicating that the diskette is full,  and you are not prompted to insert a second diskette, this means  that you will not be able to make a backup copy of the entire system  partition. The user should keep the system diskettes and option diskette  as a backup of these files.

  5.  When the copies are completed, label each diskette.

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