Hard Disk Low Level Format (9552)

Hard Disk Low Level Format

To format the hard disk and restore the system partition, do the following.

  The following procedure causes permanent loss of the data on the hard disk. Make sure that a backup of all the information on the hard disk is made.

  1.  Power-off the computer.
  2.  Insert the backup copy of the Reference Diskette into the diskette  drive.
  3.  Power-on the computer.
  4.  Proceed to the Main Menu. Press Ctrl+A  to display the Advanced Diagnostic Menu.
  5.  Select Format the hard disk and follow the instructions  on the screen to perform a low level format of the hard disk.
  6.  After the hard disk format is completed, power-off the computer.
  7.  Restore the system partition.
  8.  Reinstall the operating system.

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