Set Startup Sequence (9552)

Set Startup Sequence
  1.  Power-off the computer.
  2.  Insert the backup copy of the Reference Diskette  into the diskette drive.
  3.  Power-on the computer.
  4.  Select Set features from the Main Menu.
  5.  Select Set startup sequence.  If you cannot set the startup sequence, replace the system board.
  6.  Check the list of devices on the Set startup sequence  screen.

     Is the hard disk drive in the list as a startup device?

    Yes Exit from this screen and the Main Menu.
      Remove the backup copy of the Reference Diskette,
      and power-off the computer.
      Continue with step 8

    No Add the hard disk drive as a startup device.

  7.  Is an operating system installed?

    Yes Go to step 10
    No Install the operating system.

  8.  After the operating system is installed, power-off the computer.
  9.  Power-on the computer.

NOTE: After the programs have been restored, the Diskette and F1 prompts appear, unless an operating system is present.

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