Beep Symptoms (9552)

Beep Symptoms TP 700, 700C, 720, 720C (9552)
Symptom/Error    FRU/Action
   Continuous beep. 1. System Board
   Repeating short beeps. 1. See '1080 Keyboard Unit'
      before replacing any FRUs.
  2. Keyboard
  3. Keyboard Control Card
  4. System Board
   One long and one short beep. 1. System Board
   One long and two short beeps. 1. Video Card
  2. System Board
   One short beep and a blank, 1. LCD
   unreadable, illegible, or 2. Video Card
   flashing display with no 3. System Board
   external display attached. 4. Voltage Converter
   One short beep and a diskette 1. Diskette Drive
   prompt or a program load from 2. System Board
   the hard disk or unable to 3. Diskette Drive Cable
   read the diskette.  
   (Be sure an external display is  
   not too close to the diskette drive.)  
   Two short beeps and a blank display. 1. System Board
   Two long beeps and two short beeps 1. Video Card
   (or two long beeps and no short beeps). 2. Incorrect system board (700, 700C)
   (Possibly with a blank screen 3. Incorrect processor upgrade
   and blinking speaker icon.)     (700, 700C)
  4. Incorrect 240MB hard disk drive
      upgrade for this model

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