Power Cords

Power Cords


Use only the power cord certified for your country.

  Use the power cord certified for your country.

Ref. Country 30/40W 35W
1 Colombia, U.S., Venezuela 13F9959 25H2207
1 Japan, 2-pin 6454377 85G6665
1 Japan, 3-pin 65F0031  
2 Hong Kong, Singapore, U.K. 14F0033 25H2215
3 France, Germany, Spain 13F9979 25H2209
4 Italy 14F0069 25H2223
5 Australia, New Zealand 13F9940 25H2205
6 Denmark 13F9997 25H2211
7 Israel 14F0087 25H2225
8 Bangladesh, Pakistan,
Sri Lanka, South Africa
14F0015 25H2213
9 Switzerland 14F0051 25H2221
10 Thailand 1838574 25H2219


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