System Unit Models 340/340CSE/345C and 345CS FRU P/N

Parts Listing for Models 340/340CSE/345C and 345CS

Index    FRU P/N
1 LCD Assembly (340)    84G6678
   LCD Assembly (340CSE)  
   9.4-inch    85G7601
   10.4-inch    85G7602
   LCD Assembly (345C, TFT)    39H1865
   LCD Flex-Cable    29H9643
   LCD Assembly (345CS, DSTN)    39H1864
   2 Top Cover (340)    84G6677
   Top Cover (340CSE)    85G7600
   Top Cover (345C)    39H1863
   Top Cover (345CS)    39H1862
   3 Keyboard Assembly  
   Arabic    84G6881
   Belgium    84G6879
   Canadian French    84G6887
   Danish    84G6878
   Dutch    84G6876
   Finnish, Swedish    84G6875
   French    84G6872
   German (Black)    84G6870
   Greek    84G6885
   Hebrew    84G6882
   Italian    84G6874
   Japanese    84G6888
   Latin Spanish    84G6886
   Norwegian    84G6880
   Portuguese    84G6883
   Spanish    84G6877
   Swiss, French    84G6873
   Swiss, German    84G6871
   Turkish    84G6884
   U.K. English    84G6869
   U.S. English    84G6868
   4 Modem/Fax Card (2400 bps.)    84G5917
   Modem/Fax Card (14.4 Kbps, 340CSE)    85G7568
   5 Indicator Card    84G6662
   6 System Board (340)    84G6661
   System Board (25/50MHz)  
   With modem connector    85G7595
   System Board (25/50MHz)  
   Without modem connector    85G7596
   System Board (33/66MHz)  
   Without modem connector    85G7598
   System Board (345C/345CS) (39H1860)    73H8601
   CPU Card (345C/345CS)    39H1861
   7 125MB Hard Disk Drive    84G6663
   200MB Hard Disk Drive    85G7606
   360MB Hard Disk Drive    85G7608
   540MB Hard Disk Drive (345C/345CS)    39H1886
   8 Rear Connector Cover    84G6676
   9 Base Cover Assembly (340)    84G6656
   For U.S.    84G6890
   For Japan    84G6659
   Base Cover Assembly (340CSE)    85G7612
   For U.S., Japan    85G7611
   Base Cover Assembly (340C/345CS)    39H1855
   For European Countries    39H1854
   For Japan    39H1856
   Base cover assembly includes coil spring,  
   insulator, foot, power switch, knob,  
   holder, latch buttons  
   10 Shield Case    84G6660
   11 Battery Pack (Nickel Cadmium)    84G6672
   For U.S.    84G6671
   For Japan    84G6674
   Battery Pack (Nickel Metal Hydride)    85G7604
   12 Accessory Cover    84G6675
   13 Standby Battery    84G6668
   For U.S.    84G6667
   For Japan    84G6670
   14 Backup Battery    84G6666
   15 Diskette Drive (2-mode)    84G6664
   Diskette Drive (3-mode)    84G6665
   16 Speaker (360CSE/345C/345CSE)    85G7643
   17 TrackPoint II Cap    66G6444
   TrackPoint III Cap    84G6536
   Shield Plate (340)    84G6774
   AC Adapter (for Mono TP)  
   (84G6679)    39H2425
   For Japan    84G6738
   AC Adapter (for Color TP)  
   (small AC-adapter, 35W)(85G4952)    85G6698
   For Japan (85G6669)    85G6689
   AC-Adapter removable DC-connector (85G6690)  
   (4-pin/2-pin)    85G6664
   IC DRAM Card See options  
   Screw Kit (Includes the following)    84G6764
   ° 10-2.5 x 4 mm, 10-2.5 x 6 mm  
   ° 10-2.5 x 8 mm, Flat head,  
   ° 10-2.5 x 8 mm, 10-2.5 x 16 mm  
   ° 10-hex stud I/O, 10-hex stud bus  
   ° 2-washers for hex stud bus  

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