LCD Related Symptoms

LCD Related Symptoms
Symptom/Error    FRU/Action
   Flicker 1. Do not replace any FRUs.
      In certain brightness/contrast settings,
      screen flicker can be seen because of
      technical limitations.
   No beep, power-on indicator on, 1. System Board
   and a blank LCD during POST.  
   ° LCD backlight not working 1. Reseat the LCD connector.
   ° LCD too dark     See '1090 LCD Assembly'
   ° LCD brightness cannot be adjusted 2. LCD Assembly
   ° LCD contrast cannot be adjusted.  
   ° LCD screen unreadable, or 1. Reseat the LCD connector.
   ° Characters missing pels, or     See '1090 LCD Assembly'
   ° Screen abnormal, or 2. System Board
   ° Wrong characters displayed. 3. LCD Assembly
   LCD has extra horizontal or 1. LCD Assembly
   vertical lines displayed.  

LCD FRU Replacement Notice: If missing or discolored dots appear on the LCD, carefully read the following note to determine whether you should replace the LCD.

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