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IBM RS/6000 Notebook 860 Offers Power and Performance in a Rugged, Robust Mobile Workstation

October 8, 1996
Announcement Number: 196-248

At a Glance

This system places workstation power and performance at your fingertips with features that include:


A more powerful, more robust notebook workstation is now available in the RS/6000(TM) family for mission-critical workstation applications. The RS/6000 Notebook 860 offers fast CPU performance, a large display, fast graphics performance, and large disk capability to workstation mobile users.

Enhancements from the ThinkPad(R) Power Series 850(TM) include:

RS/6000 Notebook 860 features include: By offering IBM's award-winning AIX(R) operating system, users can choose from thousands of outstanding industry-leading applications.

Intended Customers

The RS/6000 Notebook 860 is intended for the following customers/applications:

Key Prerequisites

RS/6000 Notebook 860 requires the following operating system:

Planned Availability Date

November 8, 1996