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IBM Power Series Brings PowerPC Microprocessor Performance to Desktop and Mobile Personal Computers

June 19, 1995
Announcement Number: 195-176


The Power Series(TM) systems offer the next generation of performance for demanding client/server environments in large and medium business, as well as in government and higher education. These systems offer you the open-ended performance of PowerPC(TM) technology that protects your investment today as well as tomorrow. You will be able to choose among the leading, stable, robust, advanced 32-bit operating systems such as AIX(R), OS/2(R), Windows+ NT, and Solaris**. These credentials enable advanced software that opens and broadens the resources of your business.

The IBM Power Series desktop systems transform regular "clients" into "super clients", which use a choice of 32-bit operating systems to run business-critical applications. They excel in global connectivity with collaborative power, while running advanced software such as real-time graphics and video, and executing concurrent multiple sessions. To fully exploit the client capabilities of the Power Series, IBM will, over time, offer communication, database, system management, transaction, and development software on the Power Series operating system environments. Refer to the related operating systems announcements for further information.

The Power Series deploys software-based signal processing to take advantage of leading-edge technologies in audio, image and video, and couples it with an exciting Human-Centered(TM) environment. This provides a foundation for using more natural human interaction (for example, voice input) in existing and future applications.

Four new hardware platforms are available in desktop and mobile configurations. All of the systems are multimedia-enabled with high-quality waveform audio, microphone, CD-ROM, audio connectors, and more.

The desktop systems come in different configurations and offer a wide range of performance starting with the Personal Computer Power Series 830(TM), which uses a PowerPC 604(TM) microprocessor running at 100MHz, to the IBM Personal Computer Power Series 850(TM), which uses a PowerPC 604 microprocessor running at up to 133MHz.

The ThinkPad(R) Power Series notebooks come in two different packages, each using the PowerPC 603e(TM) microprocessor running at 100MHz. The ThinkPad Power Series 850 comes with a motion video capture card and an optional snap-in video camera. These systems bring collaborative and conferencing power to the mobile professional.

A collection of Human-Centered applications, including the award winning IBM speech technology, exploit the power of the PowerPC microprocessor and will be available for these platforms.

Planned Availability Dates: Refer to the referenced announcements in the Product Information Sources section for individual product availability.

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In Brief . . .

IBM introduces a new family of computer platforms that offer: