IBM PowerPC ThinkPad - AIX 4.2.1 on the 860 Hack

1999-01-25 It is possible to run AIX 4.2.1 instead of 4.1.5 on the model 860.  Everything is compatible except for the X drivers, which don't support the 860's display.  The following method should overcome this limitation by using the 4.1.5 X drivers after loading the complete 4.2.1 AIX system:

NOTE: This hack is unsupported.  Use it at your own risk!  I am not responsible for lost data or smoke billowing from your computer!

  • Install AIX 4.2.1
  • Install the latest X11.base.rte.4.1.* fileset ( was the latest as of late 1998)
  • mv /usr/lpp/X11/bin/X /usr/lpp/X11/bin/X.4.1
  • Install the latest X11.base.rte.4.2.* fileset ( was the latest as of late 1998)
  • mv /usr/lpp/X11/bin/X /usr/lpp/X11/bin/X.4.2
  • ln -s /usr/lpp/X11/bin/X.4.1 /usr/lpp/X11/bin/X
  • Thanks go to Ken Treimann for the tip and instructions!

    1999-05-10 A new method for this hack has just been brought to my attention.  It involves finding a "hacked" loadddx file and loading it after the 4.2.1 install.  There are various copies of this loadddx file circulating around the net.  Unfortunately I am unable to distribute copies myself.

  • Install AIX 4.2.1 normally.
  • Check the ownership and permissions of /usr/lpp/gai/pci33531288/loadddx and save a copy of it if you like.
  • Replace that file (loadddx) with the hacked one.
  • Thanks go to J.M. for the tip and instructions!

    Please e-mail if you have any comments!

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