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Building Firefox on AIX 5L

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Build Environment:

Built on "rodin", a 7044P-170,
2 GB RAM, 450MHz POWER3, 8MB L2cache, 18 GB hdisk0, GXT4500P graphics
running AIX 4.3.3 ML11 and AIX 5.1 ML9 in multiboot.

Firefox was compiled with VisualAge C++ 6.0.0 with August 2004 fixpack. The PowerPC build uses added "-qarch=ppc" instead of  the default "-qarch=com". If you want to recall how it was built, type "about:buildconfig" in the url line and hit the Return key.

If you want to compile from source set

LDFLAGS="-bso -bh:5"

before running "gmake -f build 2>&1 | tee ../build.log"
The patches and the ".mozconfig" used for compiling Firefox 2.0 with common CPU mode can be found on the Firefox download page.
With a comparable machine the build will last about 2 hours, or about 20 hours on an ancient 7009-C10 ;-)

Here is the minimal list of RPMS needed on the build machine:


The GTK2 RPMS are from IBM's AIX Toolbox except the render-0.8-8.rpm from Bull AIX Freeware site, GNOME 2.16.1

Mozilla and Firefox are licensed under the MPL and Trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation apply
AIX, RS/6000 and pSeries are Trademarks of IBM

  July, 20  2008

  Uli Link

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