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Building Firefox on AIX 4.3.3

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Build Environment:

Built on "kayo", a mint condition 7009-C20 with both keys still available,
256MB RAM, 120MHz PowerPC604, 1MB L2cache, 2 x 9 GB IBM DNES Wide connected to the internal Corvette Turbo (4-C) and IBM 10/100 Mbps Ethernet TX MCA NIC (9-K), CD-ROM and 4mm DDS drive
running headless CDE desktop with AIX 4.3.3 ML11

The POWER and POWER2 optimized builds are compiled on "vultur", a 7012-39H with 256MB RAM.

Firefox was compiled with VisualAge C++ 5.0.2 with November 2003 fixpack. Here is the mozconfig. The PowerPC build uses added "-qarch=ppc" instead of  the default "-qarch=com". For the PowerPC601 the tuning flags are "-qarch=601". For POWER "-qarch=pwr". If you want to recall how it was built, type "about:buildconfig" in the url line and hit the Return key.

If you want to compile from source set

LDFLAGS="-bso -bh:5"

before running "gmake -f build 2>&1 | tee ../build.log"

You can get the source tarball from

Compile will fail on 2 source files, both times you only need a "#include <strings.h>" for making the missing functions available.
You can fix this with "gzip -dc ff107-aix433.patch.gz | patch -p1" in your freshly untared firefox source directory.

The patches used for compiling Firefox 2.0 with common CPU mode can be found on the Firefox download page.

Mozilla and Firefox are licensed under the MPL and Trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation apply
AIX, RS/6000 and pSeries are Trademarks of IBM

  November, 04  2005

  Uli Link

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