Setting Working Units and Grid

This task shows you how to set the units in which you will be working - inches or millimeters or yards and so on. It also shows you how to set the grid if you choose to have one.
1. To set the working units click on Tools - Options and in the Options dialog box click General - Parameters and then select the Units tab. 
2. Under Magnitudes, select Length  and click the drop down arrow to set the unit of measure you will be using; Millimeter, Meter, etc.
3. Now, scroll down the list in Magnitudes and select Area. Select the unit of measure you will be using for area. Note: This is normally consistent with the Length standard.
4. To set the grid click Tools - Options and, under Options click Mechanical Design -  Drafting and then select the General tab.
5. In the Grid settings, check the Display option if it is not checked. For Primary Spacing enter 50 mm and for Graduations enter 5 mm. Primary Spacing refers to the bold lines in the grid. Graduations are the lighter gray lines.
6. Click OK.
To learn more about these options read the Infrastructure and Drafting documentation.