Mesh Parts, Properties, and Materials

Mesh parts, properties, and materials are retrieved through the design model, and are found under Properties set.

2D Property - Plate

  A 2D property entity manages material and grade as well as thickness attributes.

Only one user-defined material is created per combination of material and grade.

  In the dialog boxes below, you can see how the 2D properties are retrieved from the design model and applied to the analysis model.

1D Property - Beam and Pillars, Stiffener, Stiffener on Free Edge

  A 1D property carries information for 1D mesh such as material, orientation, and section parameters. (The section parameters are retrieved form the section catalog.)

Any section coming from the design model is mapped to the User-defined beam type.

Click the button beside the Type field, and the Beam Definition dialog box displays.


About Section Parameters

The Axis definition in the design model is different from the one used in the analysis model. The mapping described below is used to place the values of the parameters stored in the section document on to the Beam Definition parameters.

For more information on Structure Function design section parameters, see Section Parameters Explained.

For more information on Analysis section parameters, see the Generative Structural Analysis User Guide.


Obtaining the Section Parameters

  To obtain the section parameters while preparing the section catalog, you can use the Standard Steel tables. (Note that the principal moment of inertia is sometimes referred to as Iu/Iv.)
  You can also use the Generative Structural Analysis workbench to obtain the section parameters expressed in the principal axis of the beam. (The axis where the matrix is diagonal.)

1. In the Generative Shape Design workbench, create a face from the sketch of a section.


2. Go to the Generative Structural Analysis workbench, and click the 1D Property button .

The 1D Property dialog box displays.


3. Select Beam from Surface from the Type drop down list, and click the Component Edition button .

The Beam Definition dialog box displays.

  4. Select the Compute and display checkbox to compute and display the required section parameters for a given surface.

Click OK and the Computed Values dialog box displays.

  Refer to these computed values to obtain the section parameters.

Orientation Geometry - Beam and Pillars, Stiffener, Stiffener on Free Edge

  To orient a 1D section properly, the local xyz vector is defined so that the x-axis goes along the trace of the profile, while the y-axis is the major component of the principal moment of inertia axis, and z-axis is computed accordingly.


Offset - Beam and Pillars, Stiffener, Stiffener on Free Edge

  The Anchor point (including the U and V offsets) used in the design model is taken into account to valuate the fields on the Offset  Definition dialog box.

Click the button beside the Offset field on the 1D Property dialog box, and the Offset Definition dialog box displays.