Select/Query a Spool or its Members

This task shows you how to select or query a spool and its members. 
When you select a spool, it will be highlighted in your product.  In addition, by selecting the spool you are also querying it for its members which are highlighted in the specifications tree.


With your product open, click on the Create Spool button . The Create Spool dialog box appears and displays the list of spools for the current product.  Click on a spool in the list to reveal its location and to identify its members. You can also click on a part in the specifications tree to determine which spool it belongs to.

2. Use the Sort and Filter options if needed.
3. Click the Keep Selected Objects When Command Exited button if you want to keep members of the spool highlighted when you click Close. The members of the spool will be highlighted in the specifications tree, as shown in the image above, after you exit the Create Spool command.
4. When you are finished, click Close.