Renaming Objects

This task shows you how to rename objects, using piping objects as an example.

1. With your document open, select the object and click the Rename ID button . The Rename dialog box displays.  In the view below you can see that the ID field is displaying the name assigned by the application; in this case, P-004, indicating that this is the fourth instance of a pipe being placed in this document.

2. If you wish to rename the object (or instance) enter the new name in the ID field.  To revert to the Default ID click on the Set to default button.

3. If you want to rename additional objects click Apply and continue renaming.
4. Click OK when finished. The objects will be renamed.
Using this command to rename a object does not rename all instances of that object.  If you have placed an object more than once in a document and want to rename all of them, you will have to rename each one, individually.