Snap and Rotate a Resource

This task shows you how to rotate a resource after snapping it to another resource.


With both resources on the screen, click on the Snap  button and then on a resource. The orientation symbol will appear.

2. Click on the second resource. A white square will appear. Move the pointer over the resource and click when the white square is at the location where you want to snap the two resources. The orientation symbol will appear at the location and the Define Reference Plane dialog box will display.

3. Click on the Define plane using compass button . The compass will be placed at the location where you want to snap the two resources.

4. Click OK on the Define Reference Plane  box. The two resources will snap together.

5. Click on the Select button to exit the Snap command. Click on the resource you want to rotate, then grab one of the handles on the compass with your pointer and move it. Different handles will move/rotate the resource in different directions.

You can also double click on the compass (first place the compass on the object) to bring up the Parameters for Compass Manipulation dialog box and enter the required figure in the Angle field. Click on the + or - sign next to the Z axis to rotate it.