Position a Segment Relative to Plane or Another Segment

This task shows you how to position a routable segment so that it is a defined distance away from a reference plane or from another segment. This function can be used to make a segment clear an existing structure or in situations where it is necessary to position a segment a specified distance from another object or segment. See also Edgeline Routing.

1. In the example below, the routable is colliding with the beam. The task is to move the segment up so that it passes just over the beam.

2. Place the offset plane on top of the beam and bring up the Definition dialog box for the routable.
3. Right-click on the segment you want to move. A drop down menu will display. Select Offset segment.

4. Select Offset segment. The Offset segment dialog box will appear.

5. Select Make segment parallel to reference plane and then select one of the buttons, Outside edge to reference plane or Center line to reference plane. See Step 9 to offset to another segment.
6. Enter a distance in the Offset field. If you enter 0 the routable will be placed on top of the beam if you have selected Outside edge to reference plane. If you select Center line to reference plane then entering 0 in the Offset field will place the center line of the routable on top of the beam.
7. Click the Offset to far side or Offset to near side button. These buttons will place the routable on either side of the reference plane.
8. Click Preview if you want to preview, then click OK and then OK again in the Definition dialog box. The run segment will be placed on top of the beam.

9. To position a segment a certain distance from another segment, select the Offset to another segment option and click the segment to which you want to offset. Click one of the three buttons: Outside edge to outside edge, Center line to center line or Center line to outside edge.